Stop Abuse

If you've experienced gender based violence or harassment, you have the right to report it.

photo of Virginia Tech campus

Serving Our Community This Spring

As the university transitions to online classes on Monday, March 23, university offices will remain open. The Title IX Office will remain open and operating as usual during the remainder of the spring semester. We will continue receive reports from any members of the Virginia Tech community, to offer support and resources to those who them, and to proceed with investigations. To help meet the needs of students and community members, we will be offering meetings via phone and via Zoom video conference calls for those who are not on campus or who do not wish to have face-to-face meetings.

Virginia Tech is working towards a community free from gender based discrimination, harassment, and violence.  We commit to taking all reports serisously, to treating all individuals with compassion and respect, adn to holding those who perpetrate harassment and violence accountable.