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If you've experienced gender based violence or harassment, you have the right to report it.

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A Note From the Title IX Coordinator:

If you are feeling distressed as a result of gender based violence or harassment, our office is here to help. In addition to providing reporting options, we can assist with support measures and referrals to resources on campus and in the community. If you or someone you know is struggling with this issue, there is support and resources to help: 

  • The Title IX Coordinator can offer supportive measures and reporting options: Call 540-231-1824 or email 
  • The Dean of Students office can offer support: Call 540-231-3787 or email
  • The Women's Center can offer confidential support and advocacy to people of all genders: Call 540-231-7806 or email
  • Cook Counseling Center can offer confidential support: Call 540-231-6557
  • The Women's Resource Center of the New River Valley: Call 540-639-1123 (24/7 hotline).

We all play a role in creating a campus environment free from sexual violence. Whether you choose to be an active bystander by intervening when something doesn't look or feel right, or if you choose to support a friend who has experienced violence, you make a difference. To learn more, explore the Get Educated and Get Involved links.

Virginia Tech is working towards a community free from gender based discrimination, harassment, and violence.  We commit to taking all reports serisously, to treating all individuals with compassion and respect, and to holding those who perpetrate harassment and violence accountable.

Title IX Coordinator

 Katie Polidoro, Director for Title IX Compliance/Title IX Coordinator

Caring for the Community

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